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Anderson by Lisa Richardson

in Baby Merino Silk DK

Readers from the beginning of this blog may recall that what started me knitting again after quite a moratorium was a much loved little girl who only stayed around for a very short time...

Last week word travelled fast about the arrival of a little brother to join another sister in that family... in great health and growing fast...  Which spurred me once more into action.... but I had barely enough of this faintly metallic yarn for the tiniest size.... so I knit like one possessed on Friday and Saturday....  And on Sunday,  I raced to consistent knitter, Karen, who kindly put aside her own plans, and sewed up so as to hide my big shaping error that had been too complicated to undo... Down to the very last of my yarn, I tore through the collar and delivered it asap to be sure to catch this as yet unnamed young man before he outgrows the first size and moves on up the the next...  

So all pretty good news then... 


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